How It Works - VENDORS

Vendors, now you can compete on an equal basis and sell more used or new Equipment by offering your customers One-Page Lease To Own Financing.

FGLC has made the process very simple. It is your Lease program financed by First Government Lease Co.

And it is easy ---a customer that wants used or new Equipment but has no capital funding can now afford Equipment by making low monthly payments.

A simple, customized, no down payment lease will make the sale.

Three Easy Steps

1. Municipal entity decides what used or new Equipment is needed.

2. Complete Bid Online page and we will fax or email the amount of your low monthly payment.
3. Contact us, email, or call Paul Graver (toll free 866.793.9670) and he will help you fill out the Simple One-Page Lease form.

Upon completion of the transaction First Government Lease Co. will send you a check in three business days. 

OK what do I do next?
Contact us or call Paul Graver toll free at 866.793.9670.


  • No Down Payment
  • No Fees
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Legal Fees
  • No Bond Issue
  • 7 Years to Pay
  • No Certified Financials (Accountants Fees)
  • No Credit Ratings
  • No Referendum
  • No Board Meetings
  • One Page Lease
  • Immediate Approval
  • $1000 Minimum Purchase

Vendor Program Q&A

Q.We already work with a lease(ing) company, why do we need First Government Lease Co?
A. We are the only company that will finance used and new Equipment with a Simple One-Page Lease.

Q. How much does the customer have to spend?
A. A minimum of $1,000.

Q. How long does the customer have to pay it off?
A. The customer can have up to a 7-year lease, with no prepayment penalty.

Q. What happens to the Equipment at the end of the lease?
A. The Equipment belongs to the customer.

Q. Can anybody qualify for this leasing program?
A. First Government Lease Co.’s Leasing Program is only available to governmental units and volunteer fire departments. Any person authorized to make purchases may Contact us or phone to discuss their needs.

Q. Are there any additional costs?
A. No. There are no additional costs, such as fees, down payments or closing costs.

Q. What kind of forms and documents do I have to complete? 
A. We’ll help you fill out the simple One-Page Lease To Own agreement.

Q. How long will this take?
A. Leasing approval is done quickly…usually within 24 hours.

Q. The customer needs Equipment now. How long will it be before they can get the equipment?
A. By the end of the day. First Government Lease Co. can do same day approvals.
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